Tuber Borchii

Tuber Borchii



  • White Spring Truffle

    Otherwise called Bianchetto Truffle, Tuber Borchii Vtt. or on the other hand as Marzuolo Truffle.With hints of the Tuber magnatum, but much more affordable, White Spring Truffles combine classic truffle flavours with a natural scent of fresh garlic. They’re at their best from mid-January to the end of April. This is a local truffle hunter’s favourite, especially in the wooded Sibillini Mountains of Central Italy, local hunters. It can be find also in Southern-East European counties. It’s where we sourced our first truffles – and we’re still going back.Experiment with the mouth-watering combination of garlic and truffle, give an extra richness to chicken tartlets, shave truffles into scrambled eggs for a gourmet brunch or team them with seasonal foods like morels and lamb.

    As any other truffles we offer, this product is wild growing and picked from an ecologically clean area. To guarantee their freshness, all ordered fresh truffles will be gathered in the wild up to 12 hours before shipping. (the shipping arrive's in 24hr. for FREE because we can afford it).

    Product Availability: Approx. from January to April.

    Product Life: Up to 2 weeks, when kept in a refrigerator at 37.5 °F (3 C°). They can also be frozen and stored in the right way for up to 6 months and still with awesome aroma and taste. Learn more >

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Tuber Aestivum

Black Summer Truffle

(May - September)


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