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Truffle care is paramount to making the most of your truffles.  Truffles are best enjoyed fresh, but they will keep for up to two weeks if necessary by storing them in a sealed glass jar wrapped in paper towelling in a normal domestic fridge. As truffles are a living body they need to breath and sweat. In fact truffles can lose up to 3% of their weight daily, so it is important to change the absorbent towelling every day.
As soon as you have the truffles arrive, you should unwrap them and change the paper towel.
Due to the very strong perfume we recommend glass container storage. Plastic storage may sometimes allow the aroma to penetrate into everything in the fridge!



The truffles which will arrive to you are so fresh, some of our orders can arrive with fine covering of soil or sand on the truffles from the process of taking them out of the ground.  You just have to wash them gently under running cold tap water ( for best results you can use a little soft brush during the washing ).  After you washed them, take a few pieces of soft absorbed paper kitchen towel and dry them gently.

Now you are ready to start using your fresh truffles !  Have a look of our suggestion for delicious recipes which include truffles by clicking the blue link below



Here we will give you the best advices of how to storage your truffles fresh for longest time possible!
Option 1.
For up to 2 weeks you can put them in the fridge by wrapped them separately each other in a fresh absorbed paper towel (you can use kitchen roll) and put them in insulated box (glass jar is best). This will this preserve their taste and unique aroma til the end. Just make sure you wrapped them in new peaces of paper towel every day( that keep them dry during the period, which is very important for they'r quality).

Option 2 .
For up to 6 mounts, you have to Freezing the truffles. That's the most reliable way for a home chef to preserve them for up to six months.  Vacuum packing before freezing is best, but if you don’t have a machine, place your truffles in a zip top bag with all the air pushed out or sucked out.  Freezing the truffles separately will make it easier for you to use them one at a time later.  Once frozen solid they can be consolidated into a single bag (with as little air as possible).  Once frozen, truffles are best cooked or grated from frozen rather than thawing first.  If finely grated, the warmth of your food should thaw them.

Take advantage of the strong aroma and taste of the truffles, by storage them with other products you will get absolutely phenomenal results! 

Storage truffles with in rice for few days and after whenever you cook the rice it will be so delicious, thats because the aroma and taste of the truffles is so strong it only penetrates the atomic particles of other products. That happen very well also with eggs. Leave your eggs gently in some box or for best results in glass jar, and put between a bit of truffles..After few days the eggs will absorb the strong aroma of the Truffles and the taste of the eggs will be absolutely fenomenal!
There are many others variants which you can experiment with, and enjoy your food.


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